Innovative3 Layers

AirSoft is a removable 3 layered insole system, designed to provide you with 3X Comfort, 3X Adjustability and 3X Lift. It features a breathable and washable fabric with superior soft gel cushioning. AirSoft is ergonomically made as a safer and more comfortable alternative to high heels and to suit different types of flats and sneakers. It is the best crossover insole in the market.

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Confidently Run
and Walk Long Hours

Rigorously tested to hold 3X your body weight, AirSoft provides enhanced stability and long lasting comfort for your every step! It is lightweight and stylish, odor-free, anti-slip, shock-absorbent, and 100% vegan.

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Unbeatable Durability
and Performance

The core purpose of AirSoft is to provide a healthy, safe, and innovative footwear solution for all women. It is designed by orthopedists to minimize discomfort and ensure proper posture by providing outstanding support and alignment for heel, arch, spine, and a drastic relief from plantar fasciitis.

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