#1 - Does Dayheels™ fit all shoe sizes?

Dayheels™ are suitable for women’s shoe size from EU 35 to 40.

#2 - How do I keep my Dayheels™ fresh?

Dayheels™ is made from breathable fabric for long lasting freshness.
Not only that, the Comfort Step is also washable and reusable, so just simply hand wash the Comfort Step when you feel the need to. Choose a mild detergent, wash with cold water, and air dry when done!

#3 - Is Dayheels™ odor-free?

Yes, Dayheels™ will keep foot odor away thanks to its breathable fabric which is infused with anti-bacterial properties.

#4 - Is Dayheels™ recommend by orthopedists?

Dayheels™ is designed and recommended by orthopedists because not only does Dayheels™ offer additional cushioning, heel support and a better fit for your shoes, it also provides relief from plantar fasciitis and improves overall body posture.

#5 - Can I run with my Dayheels™ on?

Yes, you can run with Dayheels on and you should! We recommend slipping in the Dayheels™’ Comfort Step (the first fabric layer) into your shoes for runs, jogs and walks.

When you run with your Dayheels™’ Comfort Step, you will get extra cushioning, and better performance out of your fitness shoes.

#6 - What types of shoes are suitable for Dayheels™?

One of the best features of Dayheels™ is its flexibility - this means that its attachable and detachable layers are adaptable for a variety of shoes and sneakers.

Shoes with sufficient depth, such as high top sneaker to boots, are suitable to be worn with all 3 layers of Dayheels™ (Comfort, Adjustable, Lift Steps).

Comfort Step alone, or Comfort and Adjustable Steps, or Comfort and Lift Steps, can be worn inside most flats, fitness trainers and walking shoes.

To ensure optimal comfort level, listen to your body and use the advantage of this adaptability to match your movement needs.

#7 - How does Dayheels™ differ from other insoles in the market?

Dayheels™ is the only crossover insole that combines style and comfort. It is celebrated by women worldwide for its functionality and wearability.

A unique feature of Dayheels™ is the AirSoft feature that makes it the ultimate smart heels for women on the go. A stylish insole that turns your regular shoes into comfortable heels. Need we say more?

#8 - Does the travel bag come free with Dayheels™?

Yes, our waterproof travel bag comes with every purchase of Dayheels™.
Take Dayheels™ with you everywhere and switch up your flat shoes into heels in an instant!