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Height Boosting Insoles

Stand Taller & With Confidence

Gain Up to 4.5cm Height

Grow taller effortlessly with our concealed insoles that will increase your height discreetly by up to 4.5cm. The advantage of our insoles is that they have a three-layer adjustable system which gives you the flexibility to add either 3cm or 4.5cm height. 

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3 Layer Adjustable
Shoe Insoles

Our insoles have a three-layer system whereby each layer is adjustable to optimise both fit and comfort all in one and ensures both extra height and heel support.

Layer 1, ‘The Comfort Layer’, will change the way your feet feel forever with instant heel support of 2cm and cushioning recommended by Orthopedists worldwide. 

Layer 2, ‘The Adjustable Layer’, offers stretchy soft silicon that provides added heel support when you need it. Wear it with the comfort layer and enjoy a height boost of 3cm.

Layer 3, ‘The Lift Layer’, offers both comfort and adjustable layers made from soft gel silicone whilst providing up to 4.5cm in extra height

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Improve Posture

With Smartheels you can get perfect posture instantly. Smartheels insoles have a unique revolutionary airsoft gel technology designed by Orthopedists that whilst ensuring perfect posture also provides a solution for spine related issues and also supports your spine now to prevent any future spine related issues. 

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What Our Insole Will Do For You

Made with non-toxic petroleum-free
silicone with antibacterial
and breathable fabric coating

Holds 3 times your
weight in any situation

More hygienic than leather
and memory foam

10 times more effective
than soft silicone or
memory foam

Invisible Insoles

Daily Comfort

Better Posture

Advanced technology





Lifelong Durability

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