How To Get Taller: Effective & Working Tips for Those after 21
   11/24/2021 08:10:00
How To Get Taller: Effective & Working Tips for Those after 21

How To Get Taller: Effective & Working Tips for Those after 21

If you’re not satisfied with how tall you are and are seeking ways of how to increase your height, you’re not alone. In fact, research for the Economics and Human Biology journal found that taller people are more satisfied with their lives and feel happier than those who would like to become taller. 

To dig a bit deeper into the problem with our height, it’s important to understand what things impact how tall you are and how you can improve this:

  • 62-82 percent is about generic factor, which means that your height is mainly defined depending on how tall your parents are;

  • 22-42 percent belong to other factors like your health, nutrition, and healthy lifestyle.

Furthermore, these other factors have some impact on your height when your body is in a growing phase that commonly ends until the age of 18-22. So the bad thing is when you are an adult you probably can’t get taller naturally. Or it will be very hard to do and you get just a small increase. 

Though even a small increase in height might matter. But unfortunately, with years we can even get shorter.  

So it’s important to know the things that can help to increase your height and retain it along with your good posture and well-being. 

1. Balanced Nutrition

Especially when you are growing and even for adults it’s critical to have a balanced diet that will fulfill your daily norm of needed vitamins and minerals your body needs.

Firstly, keep an eye that you limit or avoid foods containing:

  • sugar

  • trans fats

  • saturated fats.

While your everyday meal should include:

  • fresh fruits

  • fresh vegetables 

  • whole grains.

  • dairy products.

healthy tips to increase height

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These foods are the source of vitamins and nutrients required by our body to support all important processes like normal growing, aging. So you should make sure that you’re eating enough of all different foods and your diet is balanced. 

Speaking about height growing here it’s important to control the intake of vitamin D, calcium, and protein from your food, especially for young people and in older age - to retail bones’ health. 

Besides, there is a controversial thought that high protein intake can be harmful to your bones, a lot of studies found that it doesn’t harm your bones but is beneficial for their density.

Then calcium is the primary nutrition that impacts bones’ growth and density. The foods containing it in the largest amount are dairy products. 

Vitamin D also impacts bone health. We get vitamin D not only with food but with the sun. So besides including foods like tuna, fortified milk, and eggs you should have regular walks especially when sunny days. 

2. Take vitamins and supplements when needed

So if you do not have enough vitamins and nutritions as vitamin D and calcium, crucial for bones’ health and growth itself, you need to take a supplement but, of course, after consultation with your doctor. 

Moreover, it’s a quite common medical practice to prescribe additional doses of calcium for women over age 52 and men over age 72. 

Vitamin D may also improve bone health and a lot of people in the world suffer from its insufficiency. Here an additional dose of vitamin D prescribed by your therapist can support your health.

Additionally, older adults may wish to take boron supplements that are proven to be beneficial for bones’ health and density retention, and improvements. But again consult with your doctor first. 

In all other cases, you should avoid supplements that state about height improvements. 

3. Healthy lifestyle

Active life, regular exercise, time spent in nature and refusal of smoking and alcohol impact not generally our health but our height directly especially during growing periods. 

Contrary, bad habits impact negatively on the all body process slowing down the growth of bones. In adolescence such things as alcohol consumption and smoking also harm the density of the bones and impact that you can shrink. Anyway, if you want to have good health and height you should get rid of these. 

While activities and exercises after a balanced diet and all nutritions intake, probably are the most effective answer on the question of how to increase height after 21. Samely, exercising is crucially important for children when they are growing. 

So what do you need to exercise to increase height and retain your posture while reducing the risk of diseases that impact bones’ health:

  • Aerobic activities especially such as jumping rope, swimming, climbing, playing tennis or basketball have been claimed to be helpful in increasing your height. In reality that wasn’t proven by any study yet. But for young people, these activities can be really beneficial for growing processes. For adults, anyway, these exercises will be helpful for your health, body strength, and posture. 

  • Strength-building exercises. Through building and strengthening your muscles you can support better posture. Another aspect is that building muscle and getting stronger makes you feel more confident and not so worry about your height. 

  • Flexibility exercises, such as pilates and yoga are a real treatment to your back, posture, and flexibility. In fact, there are a lot of videos and exercises claimed to help you to grow a bit taller. But don’t count on them much. Though, they might positively improve your figure and height a bit also. 

exersises to increase height

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Overall, activities, either aerobic, strength-building, or flexibility exercises will improve your health and posture and make you more fit and confident in yourself. These all might positively affect how you look and, what matters more, how you feel. And make you for sure feel happier.

But the truth is there are no exercises that will make you grow once you’ve reached adulthood.


4. Sleep enough

As you might guess, sleep affects almost any process in our body and how we become taller or not at all if we don't sleep enough. Why is sleep so important?

Because during our sleep special hormone HGH is produced in our body. And if you don’t sleep enough time this hormone is not produced enough and your growth might stop. That’s why it’s important to sleep enough in youth. 

To wrap up, the truth is that these things do increase your height not as significantly as you might wish when you're an adult. However, if you’d like to appear a little taller, consider the following tips:

  • Keep your posture all the time

Having great posture can make you look taller and feel more confident. All exercises that we mentioned above such as strength training, swimming, yoga along with keeping your posture in place when you stay, sitting during the day and sleeping at night are key for a good posture. Also, make sure your pillow or bed suits your back and doesn't cause any pain. 

  • Fashion tricks to look taller

You can try some styling tricks when you're wearing your clothes that make your look taller:

  • Wearing vertical prints like long lines with your clothes 

  • Avoid horizontal and large prints

  • Wearing one color or similar colors within your outfit, especially for pants and shoes

  • High-waisted pants, skirts, dresses and focus on your waist

  • Prefer flare leg jeans instead of shortened jeans

  • Mini and maxi length in the clothes instead of midi

  • Prefer tall boots instead of ankle boots. 

how to look taller with clothes

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All these tricks with your clothes and outfit can efficiently elongate your body frame. So just try these tips and you’ll see how they can make you look taller. 

  • Wear shoe inserts like Smartheels insoles

Wearing orthopedic shoe inserts from Smartheels© which are adjustable with 3 layers can increase your height up to 4.5cm depending on how you’d like. And they fit any shoes like heel shoes, sneakers or flat shoes. Wearing heels all the time might harm your feet and posture and cause pain. While Smartheels© insoles have comfort cushioning heel support for a better posture and relief from plantar fasciitis and any pain in your feet, they not only help with your posture and feet wellness but also make you taller. Smartheels© are the only orthopedists-approved shoe insoles which takes care of your health, silhouette and posture. 

how to get taller with shoes

  • Accept your height as your advantage

Try to focus less on your height and compare yourself with others. Your height really doesn’t make you worse or limit you in some ways. Build your confidence in yourself and then your height will not be your concern anymore. 

To wrap up all the things we discuss regarding how to increase your height, make sure you’re taking care of your health as the first priority. Then use some stylish tips and try shoe inserts for real increase in height when needed and health support at the same time.